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Wendy Aghdam - your Greens candidate for Central Ward

Hi I’m Wendy Aghdam, and I’m proud to be your Greens candidate for Central Ward in the Brisbane City Council election being held on 16 March.

I am a youth mental health nurse, a mum, and a long-term Fortitude Valley local. 

Being in healthcare for 20 years, it’s always been my purpose to do as much good for our community as I can. But all too often, nurses like myself are tasked with just treating the symptoms instead of the root cause of poorly led governments and bad policy. Our community has to work hard to constantly overcome housing stress, expensive and unreliable public transport, and neighbourhood planning that’s rigged for the profits of big developers. 

We deserve better.

The major parties won’t tell you this, but the council has the power to transform our city for the better. More than just ‘rates and rubbish’, the Greens could work in council chambers to make your life easier in meaningful ways. You can read more about the Greens’ vision for Central Ward here. The foundation of what we stand for comes directly from you. Thousands across the inner north have been consulted on what they find most important; issues that affect them, their neighbours and our community as a whole. You are what have informed our vision and key priorities for change.

I’ve been proud to work alongside Stephen Bates, your federal MP for Brisbane, since becoming the Greens candidate. Together, we’ve worked alongside the community on our campaign to extend the riverwalk and create a new park in Teneriffe and Newstead, and reject property developer plans to just turn the site on Skyring Terrace into more unaffordable apartments and short stay accommodation. You can read more about that campaign here

It would be an honour to be your councillor for Central Ward, and I hope I have your support on 16 March.

- Wendy